I specialize in working with college-aged adults and young professionals struggling with career-related stressors and/or difficulties with adjusting to society as an educated person of color. People of color have struggled for many centuries and we continue to see some imbalances in the “white collar jobs” and higher education. Discussing transgenerational trauma and unpacking your experience as a minority will allow us to understand your experience.

Imposter Syndrome, also known as Imposter Phenomenon, is a collection of feelings of inadequacy despite evident success. Sometimes as an individual of color, it is hard to recognize that you DO DESERVE a seat at the table and YOU DO DESERVE to be heard! In general, the meaning of success is closely tied to money; one is viewed as successful if one lives a comfortable life financially. In treatment, we will identify how “success” may play a role on your core beliefs and find ways to reduce that pressure of living up to these expectations that our families place on us, or sometimes WE place on ourselves.

Together we can work through the self-doubt, feelings of not belonging,  and pressures of becoming “successful”, and show you ways to grow as a confident and truly successful individual.