Family/Couples Therapy

Family therapy is one of the most rewarding parts of my job because most times, issues arise within the family dynamic but are not recognized as such. Typically, there is ONE individual that is seen as the problem but we tend to not recognize the influences we make on the family unit. Once we recognize our own lives as one piece of an entire family unit, we may be more willing to put in effort to help create positive change within ourselves for the best interest of the family unit.

As a therapist I enjoy working with families in order to explore family roles and behavior patterns and help the family recognize how current interactions may foster the problem. I typically have family members discuss their strengths and weaknesses as a family and provide suggestions on different ways to respond to the family’s current issues. Once the changes are executed within the family, the whole unit will hopefully lead towards a positive resolution.

Most times, families come in to my office with an inability to communicate with one another as well as multiple alliances that leave out other family members. These two main themes can sometimes create defensiveness and feelings of loneliness which become misinterpreted as anger and/or apathy. In family therapy, individuals and families will learn how to communicate with one another, resolve conflicts, and simply learn better ways to interact with one another in order to avoid misunderstandings.