Simple things I could do to make tomorrow better

Sometimes we can wake up not feeling completely like ourselves. No energy. No hope for a better tomorrow. No motivation to get up and ready for the day. But have you ever asked yourself, what can I do to make tomorrow better? I bet you haven’t, because in reality, who thinks this way on a normal basis? The goal here is for all of us to think this way; we have to start somewhere.

Yes, the title to this blog does say “simple things” but these are NOT that simple, especially when you’re feeling down in the dumps. But the important thing to remind yourself is that this feeling is temporary. You don’t feel EXACTLY the same as you did yesterday or as you did last month or as you will tomorrow. Feelings change, emotions are fleeting, and you have control as to which way they will go.

So, here it goes. What can I do to make tomorrow better?

When I ask myself this question, I can come up with handful of things that I can do.

  1. Go for a jog outdoors
  2. Prepare my meals for tomorrow
  3. Take a bath
  4. Listen to upbeat music
  5. Repeat positive/ hopeful thoughts to myself- i.e. tomorrow will be a better day

But my list may not help you the same way they help me. You thought it was as simple as me giving you a list? NOPE! So I do want you to ask yourself…

“What can I do to make tomorrow better?”

Write it down. Do it.


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